Ricatech RR1000 7-colour LED Full-size Retro Jukebox with CD player, A…

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Create that unique 50s atmosphere at home, in the office or in your bar with this wood-finished retro style jukebox. The RR1000 has built-in colour-changing tube lamps which work with LED lighting in 7 colours. That alone betrays the fact that this jukebox uses the latest in modern technology. You can therefore make the most of the past with the possibilities of the present.

The RR1000 has a built-in CD player and an AM/FM radio with which you can choose the music you want to listen to. The AUX input means that you can also connect your tablet, telephone or other equipment directly to the jukebox. The 2 built-in 10 watt stereo speakers ensure a superior sound! The RR1000 is also supplied with a remote control, with which you can operate the jukebox from the comfort of your chair. You can make your RR1000 complete with the optional Ricatech RJS101 Jukebox Stand with a handy storage drawer, with which you can raise the jukebox by no less than an extra 27 cm.


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