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HP 15-CS Laptop - How To Remove HDD and Install SSD

In this video, I show you how to take apart the HP 15 CS series laptop, open the housing, swap out the HDD hard disk drive for a SSD solid state drive to make my laptop fast and put it back together again.
as well as create a Windows recovery disk, reinstall Windows from the recovery disk and get your PC back in working order as quick as possible after installing the new solid-state drive.
even if your laptop is not a15c s series, this video applies to a lot of laptops in the same Hewlett-Packard family of laptops, this is the newest version of the house laptop series.

if you only need to know how to open or take apart the laptop then that is the first part of the video you can stop there, putting it back together is the reverse order of taking it apart.
Dr Ridhwaan : This is exactly the video I was looking for. Absolute legend!
Sujin Kesavan : @Hook It up
There is a M.2 adapter slot available. So why didn't you bought a M.2 ssd card and keep the old HDD in the laptop as storage??
Md. Zaman : Hello sir, I would like to know, my laptop model HP 15-da1005ne, core i5, 8th gen, ram 4 GB, HDD 1 TB,
the problem is that this pc super slow and laggy so please advise me how to resolve this issue. I want to do my faster pc but spending less money because I am a student I don't have that much money for buying new ssd. kind your attention and expecting your advice sir.
Lifestyle UG : How can I see battery 2? It shows batery 2 not present. Where can I replace battery 2?
William Buckner : Cover clip management is key. Thanks.




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